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16 August 2023


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I love all you share about Annie. I loved that lady through you
I am always so happy when I read your blog daily.

Teddee Grace

Sounds interesting. Do you marinate the onion in a mixture of the oil and vinegar or just the oil? I think the nutmeg must be the mystery ingredient.

Kathie B

Portuguese Beet & Orange Salad


I so love your stories about Annie! Thanks for sharing her with us, Corey.


Love Annie stories so much. The orange salad I have made I serve with Mexican food (enchiladas, tacos, whatever) and for that the secret ingredient is a little cumin and a little cayenne pepper. The orange is such a great counterpoint for spicy 🌶️ food.


I made this the last time you posted and it was delicious! I will be making this as soon as I secure the ingredients and love the idea of pistachios !


I had something like this when I was a child and spent the night at a friend's house! I thought her mother was so elegant . . .
Her orange and onion salad also had avocado. Dreamy! I make it for myself and add cured black olives. I can appreciate Annie's obsession!


Every recipe you share I love. This is going in my Corey file.


oh YES!! An Italian friend introduced me to this salad several years ago...or a simpler version of it anyway. Sliced oranges covered with onion sliced on a mandolin..super thin slices, drizzled with really good olive oil and garnished with sea salt. PERFECT any time of the year but especially in the winter with a hearty stew. OH YUM. I like the idea of adding avocado!

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