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22 August 2023


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Chère Corey,

Yes, we are so fortunate to be able to continue to make memories. Regarding our memory, we women (of any age) want to speak to our healthcare providers about our hormone levels as we begin to outlive our ovaries, which produce the fuel for or brains, bones and veins.

And during these dangerous summer temps we want to stay hydrated as our beautiful brains need water.

Stay safe!

Wasn’t it in the monastery? Weren’t you then assigned to the kitchen?☺️ Am I may be making this up?☺️As I recall, the story gave me a good laugh!
Please tell it again! I so enjoyed hearing the arnica one again!!!😂

I must have the kitchen part wrong! You said you knew how, but you didn’t.☺️ But your friend cut the abbot’s hair!!! Such nerve!!! Lol!

What sweet stories you tell us. And yes all our memories are good just veryu short as we age.
Much love
such a sweet haircut
Love Jeanne

Just brings a smile to my face. I am there too, having my grandson correct my memories. Makes us laugh - and so life goes on.

I have been at a lakeside cabin I rent for a few days every summer. While I'm here I read through old journals (kept for more than 40 years) and wow, there are a lot of things in there that I have forgotten. Thank goodness I kept a record! Some of those things are important memories to have now, and to be reminded of. It's shocking what we forget, isn't it? -Kate

In a middle class neighborhood in Rome many years ago, children got severe haircuts when the school year began. There were sure to be lice infestations... even among us! Haircuts for the beginning of school are a rite of passage: time to get serious. Summer is over.

Cherish each memory for they are dear to only us and those involved.

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