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27 August 2023


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Jennifer Phillipps

Well now, you had my tastebuds tingling thinking of all the nooks and crannies that are there to be found around France, not just the beautiful Paris! I have been lucky enough to have a couple of trips to France. For my 50th birthday I said I wanted to make it memorable in Paris, we had a bit over a week and we stayed in a "Garret-like" we room in The Marais, not flashy but comfy and central and we just wandered every day, far and wide, looking in every corner. I did of course do some of the tradition touristic things like going up the Eiffel Tower and visited the galleries, but then we mostly just walked and walked. I had a fabulous meal at a very old restaurant that had been recommended, we also made a trip to Marché aux Puces de Saint-Ouen, as I love the antiques, but I also like the everyday second hand sort of shops and antique markets, but we had limited bags, so I only purchased small things, old fabric and such things, as I love textiles. Then on another trip we stayed in a tiny hotel in Grasse, we wandered all over the area for a week, then we drove to Lyon, as my husband was going to a conf and I only had to go to some functions, so again I walked and walked around the city until my legs fell off! So, I have images of lots of little places, mostly old buildings, door knobs, wonky windows and bits of "old" anything. Loved every minute, happily do it again some time. Cheers Jennie, NZ


I feel so fortunate for where we’ve been, and seen. Yes and eaten, and drank. The patrons of restaurants who have helped us with menus, offered tastes of their food. So non touristy. Invited us into their homes. Every thing you have said, and more. A magical country.....and I’m not exaggerating....
We have spent over a year there, spread over ten years. Hopefully a few more trips...
Ali x


Fabulous wealth of your knowledge
Thanks for all you share with us


Lovely way to start my day. Thank you, friend.💕


What a great post. Is Chez Paul related to Paul's in Paris? I have been there, but not sure they are the same. Silly, but the first time I visited France and Paris it was to go to tea every day for a week. Not what most people go there for, but I loved it. The second time I went I had tea with a blog friend and because we were willing to be open to adventures she told us how to take the underground to her neighborhood, have dinner with she and her husband, and gave us instructions on how to take the train to a large brocante. I loved being flexible to adventures when visiting Europe and especially France.


After a long plane trip we went to a park. These places are hidden in plain sight and are great for jetlag. Parc Andre Citroen, nearby walk the Petit Ceniture old railway; Parc Georges Brassens; Parc-de-Montsouris; Parc Martin Luther King. Butte aux Cailles - interesting buildings; Helmut Guimard [metro railings] architeccture in 16th arrondisement.

We hiked the Gorges du Tarn, but you can drive; catch a bus from Aix-en Provence to Puyloubier and have lunch in the place; Aigues Mortes; hire bikes in Les Stes-Maries-de-la-Mer and ride to the lighthouse admiring flamingos on the way; Vienne, roman ruins, find the back street full of restaurants; Taradeau and go to the 2nd centure celtic-ligurian fort ruins; Lorgues, walk in and around the city walls, stunning market; Cotignac brocante.


Taradeau is now on my list. Thank you for adding the others; they are definitely worth going to and truly off the beaten path x

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