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06 August 2023


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The precious questions out of the mouths of babes and their parents wonderful answers

God is smiling down on this conversation. ✨

Oh my! I will never think of God in the same way.
A fart does permeate our surrounding in scent and is inside of us too.
I love it!
My grandson once pointed at the creche during Christmas and asked if Jesus was real.
I said "yes". That was all he needed.

Hysterical! I'm still laughing.

Etched in my mind for ever...
Luv it!

God exists in everything. That will become a family story for sure.


Cannot stop Laughing and yet perfect - great way to define God when things are going bad and yes, what is not going well is actually inside of me - love it...! What a blessing to have such simple wisdom from the child who holds your hand.

Ahhhh, the unvarnished and untarnished innocence and wisdom of young children — precious!

I imagine that for people who have experienced tragedy in their lives, it's as good an analogy as any.

Too cute. Love your Gabriel stories. 💕

I love this Corey. Children want simple answers and they are content with that simplicity. Such a sweet conversation and your grandchildren will continue to grow in a family where questions are answered and they are allowed to be curious and ultimately come to their own decisions. The best!

A laugh out loud wonderful story. And a lovely explaination by his agnostic papa.

How uniquely adorable is Gabriel’s understanding!!
When my grandson was about the same age as Gabriel is now, he asked me what God looked like. I had to be careful because I too am somewhat of an agnostic and I was aware that his other grandparent was deep;y involved in Evangelical religion. So I told my grandson that although no one knows for sure what God looks like, I imagine God looks like him, and like his parents, and all of the people on earth, and all of the living creatures in the forests and the jungles and the waters. I think God looks like all the beautiful wonders on the lands and Seas. I went on for some time and then ended by saying, “That’s what I think God looks like”. And then he paused thoughtfully and said, “No, my other grandma has a picture of him at her house, so I know what God looks like.”


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