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04 September 2023


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Kathie B

As an only child, I couldn't wait to start school and be with other kids more than just the ones I played with in the neighborhood! Alas, there was no pre-school, nothing until kindergarten back then.

When Farmboy Husband was growing up in a sparsely-populated county in the US. Midwest, they didn't even have kindergarten yet -- in fact, only three years earlier had they abolished the local one-room schoolhouse in favor of a unified school district! -- so he didn't start school until he was 5½ (first grade). Then he missed a chunk of second grade due to illness, but his mother had gotten his school books in order to tutor him at home herself, so by the time he was well enough to return to school, he was a couple months ahead of his classmates. That must've been fun for his teacher -- not!


I love all of your stories of life in France
May all children have a wonderful school year and God bless all the educators world wide
They make all other professions possible


Ohhhh, those sweet little faces!! And Jeanne —- well said!


I hope he returned home with smiles.

Ella Dyer

Bonjour à tous,

Thank your Corey, comme d'habitude, for your fabulous family/life stories, which you graciously share with all of us, especially we who live in France sans nos petites enfants.

And thanks to the multiple villages it takes to care for the next generations. Heaven knows Mamie Ella does not have the patience :)

I must add in such praise, may the Universe continue to acknowledge my late in-laws (both who served in WWII) who raised my handsome hubby. The first born who managed to derail a train (only 7 at the time), put his lil' brother in the dryer (to simulate the moon race; can't even compute that thought process!) and a bit later had his home (on the US military base) surrounded by the authorities when they thought the General was under attack.

Why? Because the love of my life had knocked out the power.


David in Ga

I know just how he feels. I am a retired teacher and I felt like that every year I taught!!! I enjoyed school once I got started but that first day back was always difficult. :)


On my son's second morning of kindergarten, when I said 'Let's get ready for school' he said 'But we did that yesterday.' I realized he had not a clue of the long road ahead of him. I sympathized with his outlook.

Fat Rabbit

Corey - What touching photo of school days. Love Olivia's look as she is ready for the big day. As for Gabriel - such touching tears. I do identify with Gabriel as I am also tentative about new beginnings. In fact as the school librarian on the first day, I often felt weepy myself!

Back to school ❤️


OH my, I think my grandson felt like Gabriel this morning when he started back to school. He did not want to go. I hope it is a good year for all of the children.


This was identical to my first day of school. Tears and all. I am 66 and I remember it like yesterday.


Olivia 'thought bubble' -- "You're not REALLY going to make him go, are you mom?"


I homeschooled my children until high school - guess that would not be a good idea in France??

Teddee Grace

I just found this, so realize my comment is late, but I recall Gabriel was upset last year as well. I hope he was able to find some joy eventually. Olivia is just a hoot. I linked over to this post from today's and she seems so relaxed and gently amused by Gabriel's more emotional personality. I look forward to seeing what kind of a person she becomes as she matures.


You are right, and you have the personalities described as well.

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