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20 September 2023


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The colors in that rag ball are so pretty. 💝🩵


My mothers button basket, buttons saved from clothing and carefully tied together to be reused on new garments or replace lost buttons. I loved looking through the basket as a child and still like it.


In the 70s or 80s, knit sweaters made of fabric were quite popular. I had a few and also purchased the "fabric" balls to knit another. What a blast from the past! My cherished piece is a cross stitch remnant my grandmother made as a child.

Teddee Grace

My mother did this with fabric rags and hooked rugs with the strips. The places where the different pieces of fabric were tied together were obvious in the rug. Kind of interesting. I hadn't thought about that in a long time. We were really poor when I was growing up and this was one way to get a very sturdy and washable throw rug for no price but the labor.


Beautiful! Notice how lovely the colors and patterns complement each other.

Barbara  St. Aubrey

Mom made balls of wider bits of cloth braiding them into rugs to wipe our feet on the back porch or stand on near the stove that she could then wash in her older wringer type machine - my favorite is a saved seersucker dress now all time stained that I wore in a school play hand sewn by my Mom - I feel her presence remembering how she made our life meaningful, sewing most of our clothes and so many gifts a well as practical additions to her home. Even hangers were covered and stuffed with scented cotton as handmade sachets hung behind the doors of bathroom and bedrooms. Thanks for helping me capture the memory...

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