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01 September 2023


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I say Italy to the house that is being re-done.


Ot Mykonos
There I got in two guesses LOLOL

The Azores?


Home to Willows, California!


Willows or Italy!

Willows would be the first guess or Portland, Oregon to see Sacha!

California to see your mom




To see Yann’s mother or Willows




Brocant possibly ?


Willows CA - To see your mother.❤️
Wherever you roam, may your trip be lovely.

My guess is Willows, but wherever you go have a wonderful time!

Glowing moon ...and bald men could it be the monastery?

You are going to….a brocante!

Italy was my first instinct so I’m sticking to it. Italy. Looking forward to the postcard 😊

Home to to your Mom in Willows.

To Italy to buy a house!

I do hope you are going to see your dear mother. California has yet again had a bad year weather wise. I trust she is well.


A visit to see Yann's mother. (My first thought).

Has to be Willows!!!

Willows to visit your Mother….


I expect many of your readers are correct and you are heading back here to the states to Willow, California, to see your Mom, Sacha and other relatives!

I adore seeing beautiful trees!
Happy travels!

Willows! Have fun!


You’re going to Sintra !!!

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