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14 September 2023


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Absolutely wonderful for you to be together ❤️

Beautiful photos, joy in every face!

Beautiful times shared together
I love your happy family postings
Love Jeanne

I can almost feel the immense joy ——- certainly can see it on all the beautiful faces. Early Christmas gift, indeed!

Just completely wonderful.

What a gift!

Oh yes, it would feel like Christmas for sure.
Love your not-black dress.
What a wonderful gathering for love.

WOW! Such a day filled with your loves! I love the not black dress and the not black shoes! All those smiles start my day right!

❤❤❤ these happy beautiful people. New meaning to "just a day in the park". Again corey, thanx for sharing your joy!

What a beautiful gift! So happy you all were able to spend precious time together!


Gulp. Corey!!! What treasures Your magic wand always creates. As I studied each image, I heard the song Circle Game by Joni Mitchel. I believe Heaven is on earth as our Lord's Prayer is recited at the end "As Earth as it is in Heaven." BEAUTIFUL xxx

p.s. I must have your dress and shoes!!

What a beautiful family, and what wonderful kids you have raised. Love you in that color!

Nice to see you all loved up...except for Yann, but he will get his turn....as for the colour and not black scenario, love your dress, you suit a splash of the colour...polka dots are definitely a favourite of mine! Cheers Jennie, NZ

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