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17 October 2023


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Beautiful delicious food dessert
Thanks for sharing
Love Jeanne


Pavlova supposedly originates in Australia or New Zealand. All this time I thought it was from England. Ha!

Jennifer Phillipps

Greetings from a Kiwi who applauds the fact that you have a secret Pav recipe from a fellow Kiwi that your guard from public view.... It is a national treasure in NZ the Pavlova and indeed there is an ongoing debate about who came up with the idea first, but there seems to be valid information to suggest NZ was the creator of the Pavlova, prior to Australia and we are sticking with that idea! All around NZ over Christmas families have pavlovas for family gatherings, home made or purchased from supermarkets, home made is best of course. We have a summer Christmas so Pavlova is the perfect way to celebrate fresh berries, cream and lots of fluffy sugar and egg whites....looking forward to it in a couple of months...cheers Jennie, NZ


Corey, my mouth waters as I read your recipe! Beautifully written and enticing. My son enjoyed an exchange teacher from Australia when he was in grade school. Miss Harripath (I might be misspelling her name!) taught some of us to make Pavlova for a Parents’ Tea. It was so delicious, although I suspect our creations were less than perfect. And she never mentioned the possibility that Pavlova originated in NZ😂. Thank you for evoking a 20 year old memory.

Shelley Noble

Wow, Best food on earth! xoxox


I love pavlova. Definitely will be trying this recipe.

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