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12 November 2023


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I love beets. Thanks for sharing


I checked out the link. If ever there was a place to stumble upon, this would be it!


I really like the detail of the knife and fork set on the rock, it is a rock isn't it?


This reminds me of a trip I took with friends in Umbria. We had just arrived at our destination after hours (and hours) of travel and all the grocery stores were closed. There was only on restaurant in about a 45 minute drive and they were closed too. We happened to see someone and asked where there might possibly be some food. It turned out He was the chef of the closed restaurant, took one look at our desperate faces and invited us in. “I’ll cook for you!” And boy did he ever. I will never forget that wonderful meal. The generosity of Italians is not to be overststed.

Kathie B

Here's a Portuguese beet salad recipe that's a hybrid of the one above and your beloved orange-and-onion salad: http://www.inolongerlikechocolates.com/21-10_calendar_oct.htm

Angela Napolitano

We’ve been caught in the same situation in the south of Italy on a Sunday! We also found a restaurant who took pity on our hungry selves. Simple fare in Italy is a true masterpiece!!! So glad you found the Italian hospitality. They truly cannot resist feeding you!

Jennifer Phillipps

Well you did stumble onto a foodie gem, looked at his site in English and his recipes and blog and wowee. If only Italy was not quite so far from NZ....but another day... You seem to have had a wonderful tour in Italy. Cheers Jennie, NZ


Ohhh, how beautifully descriptive is your writing!! You are gifted — when will you write your cookbook—or any book —-please, please, please?!


What a lovely surprise. These little happenstances make life sweet. I hope your post brings many people to his door to hear his stories and eat his wonderful food.


What a treat! I am so glad Ben opened his kitchen for you.

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