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15 January 2024


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Wow...those look so professional! Just beautiful.


I am wondering if the weather is a factor. Have seen some recipes for bread etc. where they say to not make if it is rainy or cold outside. That could be cause of varying macaron success. The ones in the photo look magnifique

Kathie B

We've had macarons in France -- too sweet for our taste, though.

Agree with Kippy re humidity possibly being a factor.

Also, did you keep notes re each batch as you made them, so you can identify the reason(s) the second batch was so successful? Farmboy Husband, being a trained biochemist, does that with every batch of each bread recipe he makes, until he's identified precisely the best techniques.

Kathie B

FWIW, among Farmboy Husband's favorite sources for initial recipes from which to improvise -- and he always makes them as directed the first time! -- are King Arthur's. They even have one for macarons: https://www.kingarthurbaking.com/recipes/macarons-recipe

Romany de Silva

Corey, happy new year - and welcome to the world of macarons. my partner is a patissier and has trouble sometimes - they are not trendy at the moment in Sydney, although they fly off the counter in the cafe he works at any time they are there. I am not a patissier and have much the same outcomes as you have had. Everything depends on the age of th whites, the temperature in the room, the bowl you are whisking in being totally devoid of any fat - i usually clean with with a bit of kitchen paper and a few drops of apple cider vinegar. Such finicky things!
but bon chance with your next batch - courage!!

Kristin Yates

I have similar experiences! It is a process, and there are many recipes. Last time I
I made Strawberry Rose


Félicitations; I understand that one must "know" their oven.

My macaroon recipe ?




Fabulous. Everything you touch is golden. They look so lovely and I am sure were delicious.
Proud of you in your accomplishments in life
Love Jeanne


Brava! Brava —- especially for your persistence!


Brava! Brava —- especially for your persistence!


Yes, the weather can be a factor! I remember back in the day of making candy.

Judith Bryant

I'm betting that none of the batches went to waste!

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