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03 February 2024


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Shaving brush?


Implement to push clothes and fabrics down into dye colors.

Jennifer Phillipps

I thought they might be skittles from a new kind of bowling game where the bowling ball is a coconut? Jennie, NZ


Made for cleaning gargoyles...?

Villa Kerr

Japanese dish scrubber


clothes brush???

Lynn H

Dusters? or some kind of craft tool for dabbing paint?

Stephanie M

Whisk broom for multiple uses.

Ed Schnurbusch

I've seen videos of Japanese using them to paint. Since it's in France, I'll say it is for silk screening.


19th century wallpaper brushes.

Franklin Q Levin

It looks like the brush I use to clean my wok, but woks are not old French. I think it is a cleaning brush of some kind.

Elizabeth Ann Schaeffer

yes please. What are they?


Are they whisks - for mixing/beating egg mixes eg Yorkshire pudding?

Cousin Linda

Mushroom brushes


Whisk brooms


To clean a fireplace or firepit

Kathie B

For brushing your pet elephant's tusks?


Danny guesses that it is a barber's brush for shaving cream. I don't know they look kind of big for that.


Mushroom brush?


Plant Pot Cleaner, Cobweb duster,Crumb duster for a table???????


To dust off wine when your open the cork?

Villa Kerr

Note: Watche Japanese TV a lot and they were making these brushes and said they were used to scrub dishes and pots. All I was thinking about was the wonderful craftsmanship. Villa

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