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21 February 2024


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Ed Schnurbusch

I find old books to be very interesting. I have a couple that I found over the years. A couple of them have beautiful prints in them. One is a late 1800's book prepared for the city of Boston with a fold-out, hand colored map of the canals used for transportation.

Ann of Avondale

Corey, I never met a book I didn't like. I love books! Would love one from France!

Ann Hadley

What a generous offer! I follow you and swoon over the well loved and beautiful items you find at the brocante. I would treasure a book.

Kathy Woods

What a generous thing to do Cory. I would love one of the books. Kathy


What a wonderful and exciting venture. I do love old books and nothing like this is in my collection. We are trying to downsize too, but i book won't take up that much room will it?

Janell Cleveland

I love old books. Love old paper even more I think. This is a very generous offer. Would. Always have room for another old book!

Lila Bright

Oh Corey how absolutely lovely of you! ❤️ I have followed you before you became a grandmother to your precious two! I have such a soft spot for books and would be thrilled to have one of yours from France but if not I can still enjoy your photos so thank you for that!

Sue Young

Being a retired French teacher( 35 years!!), I am a true francophone as well as an antique lover and collage artist. I love nothing more than old French letters, documents and books. These deckled ones are drool-worthy!!
20 years!? I think I’ve been following your blog almost since the beginning! It is a work of love on your part and brings joy to so many people, including myself. Bisous 🥰

Maureen Albrecht

These are hard to find in the U.S. They are so beautifully imperfect. How generous of you to share some of your collection with your followers and friends. I had never seen these before I came to France last fall. I would love one. Books of all kinds are a must for me.

Susan W

It's interesting how you came to be a part of my life. Through our mutual friend on this lovely BC Is. You got me through covid. We shared stories and pictures. I save your recipes. I believe we share many of the same values. Lately your posts on praying and wishing for peace have brought me to tears. Would I like a book? Of course but it's not necessary to remember these beautiful, sometimes funny,most often touching, at the end of my day


Corey, you're so generous to share with your readers (your collections as well as your heart and soul and mind). I would love a deckled edge book, if you don't mind it being deconstructed and used in collage... :)


Why yes please…I’d love to be considered. I love books! Old and new of every sort!


Such beautiful little grands you have, and I know they bring much joy to your heart. I think I’ve been following you for @14 years? Congratulations on almost 20 years of sharing your world with us. ❤️

Cynthia Thompson

Once again Corey you make my daily visits to your site a treasure. you are the "gift" that keeps on giving to me! You sharing your beautiful words and pictures have been a light at dark times for me. My first visit was when you got a picture of Angelina and Brad in France at a brocante!!Thank you so very much fir everything. Blessings


Such a treat!!! I would love to have one of your beautiful books! Thank you for being so thoughtful and generous.

Bonnie Ball

Would be such a treat to have one of these beautiful books. What a great idea to share your abundance. I have been dreaming of joining one of your France adventures —maybe this is the year. Awaiting your new dates!!

judith bryant

One of my favorite gifts was an old book in which my daughter had inserted photos of her growing up years. (A la recherche du temps perdu!) I'd love to see what she or we could do with an ancient French book! I am concerned about the cost of shipping, though. Does France have special, low rates for media mail?

Niki Weippert

I wondered if all those books were yours! Don’t often comment, but love seeing your posts and your grandchildren are beautiful! There’s something about holding an old book that is special. There’s so much history in the book plus wondering who held the book through the years.


I’ve loved following your blog for the past several years. Your kindness and love shine through your photos and stories. And of course the old things, like these books, are beautiful too! I love the giveaway. For it is in giving that we receive. Thank you for all you share!

Jennie Q. SF

Love deckle edge paper. What’s on it is secondary.

Jacqueline Braudaway

I have loved following your adventures for I know at least 15 years!!

Dottie Eberhart

Corey, I have been reading your blog for many years. I am a lover of words, images, and vintage treasures. I try to find time in nature as often as I can to center and ground. I thank you for sharing your beautiful heart through your words and images. Our world needs the positive energy you share every day.


Pick me! Pick me! I have the perfect spot for it in my house.

Kathy BF

Hello Corey

You are my morning treat with my coffee. I would love one of your books or any item you would gift.

It has been a joy following you.


Carrie Schwab

I love old books, especially French ones, and enjoy seeing the treasures you find on your brocante journeys around France!


I have no doubt, you are an angel, what a generous spirit you have. We are all so lucky that you share your life's adventures with us.

Bette Lee Collins

Yes Please…I would love to have any of your books to add to my library…
Thanks you very much for sharing…

Teddee Grace

How generous of you! I love books, especially antique books, of which I have a few. None with deckle-edged pages however. I hope I'm lucky! Those kiddos are growing so fast!


Thanks so much for offering to share your bounty of old books. I love books...much more than reading on tablets and whatnot. Nothing beats the tactile feel of flipping the pages as you read the stories on each page.


I would treasure a deckled book!

Bonnie Schulte

Corey, I'm here, at the bottom of the comments, and hope you see my wish to receive your offer of a book like this is amazing. Like other have written above, I would hold and treasure a book such as this, with great respect. I still have a childhood favorite book, Grimms' Fairy Tales, printed by Grossett & Dunlap. Pages are yellowed and in delicate condition but it is a book I loved and read, when I was old enough to read. It still has a place on my book shelve after 80+ years. Old books, well all books, have a great place in my heart. Showing them with your two little sweet hearts makes my heart melt.
LOVE AND HUGS from Wisconsin...Bonnie

Gail Lannum

Getting a book like this would be amazing!!


Corry, you really are quite wonderful!
Ali x


I think I have followed you most of the 20 years. What a joy!
Your sweet little ones are a joy to see too.

Dianne Smith

Hi Corey, I have a nook in my bookcase.

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