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14 February 2024


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Please continue to speak out with the courage of your convictions, Corey.

And the small child when asked"are you a Muslim,

Corey,Please continue to speak out with the courage of your convictions.

All hostilities must end now, as well as occupation. Governments must own some uncomfortable truths about their own role in what has happened/is happening.

Palestinian human rights,and right to self determination must be acknowledged and addressed.


Apologies for error" in previous post. Should have read: And the small child when asked,"Are you a Muslim, a Christian, or a Jew?", replied "I am hungry." No child should go hungry.


All of us pray for a world of peace especially for our children and grandchildren.

Ella Dyer

Chère Corey,

Bonjour et merci pour ce mot de paix ; je suis vraiment d'accord !

J'ai le privilege d'avoir deux petites-filles à moitié palestiniennes; grâce à l'univers, elles étaient en sécurité lors de la dernière visite, mais nous craignons pour la famille vivant à Jérusalem et toute la région.

Le cessez-le-feu est le début de la recherche d'un chemin vers la paix, s'il vous plaît.

Je vous en prie,


Most definitely!
Ceasefire NOW!

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