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26 February 2024


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Oh, what a delight! I feel like a kid seeing my name on Santa’s List! Thank you!!

Bev S.

Thank you Corey!

Lila Bright

Awe Corey….THANK YOU!! I was thrilled to see my name and can’t tell you how much I appreciate your thoughtfulness ! ❤️


So very kind of you to give these gifts away. Our gift is reading your blog each day which I have been doing faithfully for years
Much love

Bette Lee Collins

Dear Corey,
Thank you so much…
I would love a Book first, letter second, trinket third…your choice…
Many thanks,

Bette Lee Collins

Dear Corey,
I forgot to tell you that today is my Birthday…and I am 85 years old!


How exciting! Thanks!

Kathie B

I have my mother's silver thimble, very much like some in the photo. Not sure, but it might've belonged to her mother (the daughter of German immigrants).

How about plant-based chicken tenders for dinner (especially nice with steamed fresh asparagus, and garnished with fresh-squeezed lemon juice)? Sez your fellow vegetarian. The chickens will thank you! 🐔🐔🐔


So loving and generous of you, Corey. I have followed you forever and you have always been loving and kind. I hope I get to meet you one day.


Happy Happy Birthday Betty!!!


Very kind and generous Corey. I’m one of those who’ve been reading your blog for some time now. I’d like a book, or trinket but honestly will be happy with whatever appears in my mailbox. Thank you!

Cynthia Thompson

I am so excited and grateful!! Thank you Corey for this place to come and enjoy the beauty of France, wonderful words of love and encouragement. Anything from you would be lovely! Blessings


Wow, you’re going to be busy!
I have been following you for years, keep writing and thank you.

Evelyn Jackson

Woohoot!! Email on the way with my address. Thanks, Corey

Teddee Grace

That's a long list! Your shipping costs are going to be sky high, but thank you for your generosity. I'll be e-mailing you!


Oh my gosh!!! so fun to see my name and hope it's really me. I have been a big fan for so many years and appreciate that you're doing this for us.

judith bryant

How exciting! I've always loved books, real books. Their physical presence is like being surrounded by old friends.


Hi Corey, I hope I’m the Maria on your list.
Many many thx for years of enjoyment

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