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03 March 2024


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EPOISSES! oh how I love it. Someone said that it smelled like the feet of God...I don't know who, but they described it perfectly. So deliciously smelly. I'm also a big fan of Banon...the smellier the better.

Sadly, my hubby likes cheese, but does not LOVE it like I do, so I'm often the only one in the house that eats it. Oh wait. That's not really a problem, is it?

Teddee Grace

Oh, I do love cheese! Every once in a while I decide I will forgo the calories and hold out sometimes for weeks, but the cheeses always call me back. The one time I visited France I was toured through Normandy by my ex-husband's English cousin and his wife. I still remember the cheese trays being brought out at the end of the dinners. I do have to say that I think some people who enjoy all cheeses have not grown up washing a cream separator that has aged in the heat of a Missouri summer! Our local supermarket has two little cheese boxes in its imported cheese department filled with remnants of the bigger cheeses. Visiting the cheese boxes is one of my favorite stops on any food shopping outing.

Ed Schnurbusch

You forgot the cheese you and I grew up on. Kraft Singles make the best grilled cheese sandwiches.


I love cheese and thanks for all you post for us
say C H E E S E


OMG I want to dive into this post. I like cheese as much, maybe more, than patisseries.


The British Cheese Board states there are over 700 named British Cheeses, it would take a long holiday here to taste each one in its place of manufacture. Amongst my favourites are Red Leicester, Caerphilly, Wensleydale, Double Gloucester, Stilton and many more. The one I find irresistible is only available around the time of Diwali, it is Red Leicester flavoured with Masala spices. Plus there are French, Italian, Dutch, Greek cheeses etc available. Unfortunately I haven't managed to taste them all.

Kathie B

Being a westerner, I grew up on Tillamook cheddar. Best grilled cheese sandwiches and mac-&-cheese EVAH!

Kathie B

Diogenes, you realize there are cheese pastries, right?


Forget the brocante........I'm up for a cheese tour!!!!!


Kathie B, that sounds like a heavenly combo, whether savory or sweet!


Ooohhh, reading your descriptions, with your beautiful photos, and salivating like Pavlov’s dogs…..I should be wearing a drool bib. A cheese tour sounds wonderful, too.


1. All the photos are beautiful, however when I saw the blue cheese spread on bread my mouth started watering!
2. American singles are standard for grilled cheese sandwiches in our house.
3. Incorporating a cheese day into your brocante tours would be brilliant!
I’ve put away the oatmeal box and am making a cheese tray for breakfast!
Nina, drooling in Michigan


I read your blog 1st thing this morning. Now I'm going to eat cheese for breakfast with my sister's homemade Swedish rye bread (made with molasses while I watch toe sun rise over the Swan mountains in Montana). The bread was our mother's recipe and is the best I've ever tasted.


I am so a cheese lover!
I appreciate your posts, Corey. Today’s was especially tasty.💕


Soooo, you're planning a cheese tour....?

Kathie B

You long ago mentioned that Chelsea's favorite is Camembert with baguette. So when we were in Paris, while I napped (being jetlagged) Farmboy Husband went out to a fromagerie and a boulangerie near our hotel to purchase those items (inter alia), and we had a picnic dinner in bed!


I have always been OK eating cheese, but not that crazy about it. It seems lately my tastes have changed and suddenly I quite like having two or three nice cheeses in the refrigerator. I love having cheese with my morning breakfast, so good.

Marilyn Marcus

Epoisse is my favorite! My girlfriend and I had it for the first time at a lovely little restaurant in Beaune in 2015.
And Bleu Cheese from anywhere in France is the next fave. My husband and I sampled so many wonderful ones barging in Champagne back in 2000. So heavenly.

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