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01 March 2024


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Vicki Perkins

We must not turn away.

Ella (grand mère d'enfants musulmans et d'autres religions)

Bonjour Corey and thank you for your courage; your reader is right, we must not turn away.

Today, Amnesty International will hold a concert for the children of Gaza at my church in Nice. I will wear my keffiyeh; it won't cover my bleached blonde hair, but in addition to my attendance, is a small symbol of my solidarity with humanity.

Praying for peace.

Jennifer Phillipps

I find it unbearable that people can kill in the name of their religion. I don't have any preference for any religion and I believe we are all entitled to have our own beliefs, but I cannot see how someone can say they are doing these things to protect their place and their beliefs, it is simply not right. I cannot bear to look at the images...so distressing, so needless. Thanks Corey for sharing these thoughts! Jennie,. NZ

Cynthia Thompson

Letting our voices be heard continuing to pray for peace. Blessings


My heart breaks daily, but we cannot turn away.


No, we must not turn away and when the time comes to forgive we must do it with an open heart. It will be difficult and will take much healing.

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