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02 March 2024


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Ed Schnurbusch

The almond trees in Northern California bloom earlier than the trees in France. Ours started blooming a couple weeks ago. Unfortunately, Our trees always start to blossom before the winter storms have finished. We have been hit by a couple of storm systems since the blossom first appeared. The farmers always complain about the late winter storms. While driving to Chico a couple days ago, the wind made the blossoms look like a snow storm. The ground is covered like a thin blanket of snow. During this time of year, bee boxes are set out in the orchards to pollinate the trees. I've been told that bees can pollinate a whole orchard in 24-48 hours. Only by waiting until nuts appear, will the farmers know how well their crops will produce. Small crops usually mean higher prices and visa versa. All I know is, my wife won't stop sneezing until the last blossom is gone. LOL


Gorgeous spring blossoms. They melt my heart
Spring is the Queen of all seasons and I adore her
Love Jeanne


Spring blossoms always lift my heart and fill me with hope.

Bonnie Schulte

I am waiting so patiently for Spring here in Wisconsin. Today we have temps in the low 50s, so it is getting closer, but we still could have unexpected snow fall too.
Love your photo of the flowers Corey. Always enjoy what you post.


I love finding the first signs of spring in nature.
I am known for watching closely to catch that sign.

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