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25 May 2024


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kathy ingles

i 've seen this repair often but don't understand it. it looks costly and complicated. yet i see it mostly on inexpensive ceramic ware. it must be home done. poverty makes innovation for sure. i've also seen it on some very costly porcelain. in the US we would never repair this, it would be tossed in the rubbish. is it common? can a unskilled repair person do the job with success? i find it fascinating that something so common as ceramic ware is treated so dearly.


That repair job itself is a work of art!


Any idea on what was used to repair this Corey ?
Super glue with pieces of metal to hold ? Not that I have plans to mend my own ceramics 😝


I have recently been thinking about this sort of thing. I recently saw an artist do a show on Japanese mending of cloth pieces, but it reminded me of repairing pottery with gold. My church has adopted the word repair this year and images such as you have shown remind me of the beauty of repair or mending.

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