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French la Vie Dates 2023



I am passionate about old things and enjoy sharing my experience and connections with others. When you come along on a French la Vie, you will meet like-minded people who create with and collect antiques. We will be inspired by visiting private homes, shops, and studios in the Provençal countryside. Meeting the French in their intimate, off-the-beaten path to shop and dive deeper into the French lifestyle of charm.

This truly is a one-of-a-kind journey.



"While I did find some treasures to bring home, my primary attraction to this trip wasn’t the shopping but the French Life aspect of the trip.  I loved staying at Corey and Yann’s house and enjoyed the friendly meals shared in the beautiful settings.  Visiting collectors and artists in their homes was a highlight for me.  As a tourist, it is a rare treat to get to experience the home life of native residents.  Each home was unique and reflected the interests and discerning eye of the owner.  The days were packed yet leisurely with unhurried visits and relaxed meals.  I would say that this trip is a feast for all the senses – the sea of treasures at the brocantes, the picturesque narrow streets, the delicious food, and the sounds of the mistral wind and church bells.  I can conjure these up in my mind and relive the pleasures of this trip."

Dina Lindquist, Oregon

FLV May 2022


French la Vie 2023 DATES



French la Vie Brocante

Dates for 2023

Brocante adventures in Provence.

Four guests - maximum:

April 18-25th - Two places remain

May 3-10th - Two places remain

May 24th-31st - Sold Out (with one reserved)

June 27th-July 4th... Sold Out

September 5th- 12th - Sold-Out

September 26th - October 3rd - Two places remain

October 12th- October 19th Sold Out


Thank you so much! I am happy many of you want to join me in Provence!




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French La Vie started in 2005, I have the "Brocante Bug" which means antiquing is my cure, France can do me no wrong when it comes to treatment ° 32 years living in France with my French Husband that I met while dancing in San Francisco ° Two children, now in their late-twenties, amour et joie ° Come join our journey either vicariously through my blog, or on a French La Vie Week Retreat in Provence °
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