Gabriel Adores Olivia

Gabriel Adores Olivia

A happy little family.

Gabriel adores Olivia.


When Gabriel started to consume solids I would say,

"Mmm, mmm, mmm, yummy for the tummy."

Gabriel started to say this too, especially when something was extra delicious.

He refers to being hungry, or wanting something to eat as, "Yum".

When Gabriel first saw his mother he let out a giggle, nearly leaping out of his father's arms

to get to his mother and his sister. He was very aware that a baby was coming referring to her as Papilotte.

After he kissed the baby he said, "mmm, mmm, mmm." in the sweetest little voice.

My heart melted with tenderness.



Gabriel Adores Olivia



(In French it is pronounced with three syllables and in English four I am told.)

Eight pounds.

Born October 21.

Chelsea had a natural, easy, speedy (two hours plus) labor. Amazing. 



Nobody guessed name, date, weight, and hair correctly in the guessing game.

Though some of you did guess the name, and a few the date, even fewer the weight...

Original I thought Ophelia, 10 lbs, October around the full moon and no hair.



Gabriel Adores Olivia


Hours old.

Thank you for supporting our family with love and kindness.

Overload to happiness.

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